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Self Help Fitness PLR Memberships Include...

Get a High-Quality HD Video Series, and Complete Sales Funnel Every Single Month Which You Can Market As Your Own... Charge WHATEVER You Want, And Keep 100% of The Profits For Yourself, While Our Pre-Made Sales Funnel Does All The Heavy-Lifting For You!

Supreme Quality Training Guide/Ebook

Each month, you’ll be given a unique and completely updated 10,000+ words Training Guide. it’s up-to-date, informative, and includes the most useful, cutting edge information on the topic for that month’s PLR product.

Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet is an excellent tool for your customers. It simply and effectively breaks down each and every aspect of the training for them into easily actionable steps. This will allow them to more quickly master the process each month.

Mind Map

This mind map outlines everything your customers are going to be learning throughout the training. It'll show them the steps and make it easy to follow along with as they're going through each part, in order to allow them to absorb everything more smoothly.

Professionally-Designed Mini-Site

This mini-site will give you literally everything you need to quickly setup your page and start earning money. All the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc (as well as the site content) has been completely written for you in advance, so you don't have to list a finger.

Professionally-Written Sales Letter

This is a sales page which was written strictly for conversions, meaning you don't have to even think about writing sales copy on your own, or pay a Professional Copywriter $1,000's to do it. Just start sending traffic right to it, and kick back and relax, as the sales roll in.

Professionally Copywritten Swipe E-mails

These swipe e-mails can be used to help promote your new product. Your affiliates can simply send these out to their list, and then everyone will start bringing in some serious profit. As with all our Copy, these were written by a Professional Copywriter as well, and geared towards getting a high open and click-through rate, ensuring that you enjoy the largest amount of profit possible.

Professionally-Designed Banners

These banners are designed to get you clicks, so you can immediately start with a media buying campaign, without having to create any banners yourself. Designed by a Professional Graphic Designer, they're stunning, professional-looking, and will help you to generate traffic right away.

Professionally-Designed Graphics

You're going to get the complete set of professionally designed graphics, including any CD/DVD covers, artwork necessary to sell the product, and a whole lot more. This will make the training more presentable, and much easier to sell. You'll be given the image files in PSD format, so you'll be able to edit them however you want, and make them all your own. Add any logos or images you want to any or all of them.

High Quality Training Videos

These aren't just 10 random videos which are thrown together, but they include the absolute latest, and most cutting-edge information on whatever the topic is for that particular month. They're also HQ videos, so your buyers can tell right away they're getting a quality product. These videos will be a step by step guide which will take your customers by the hand, and show them exactly what to do to succeed with that month's product.

Complete Audio Files

On top of the video scripts, we'll also give you the complete audio series as well. This means that if your customers want to load the audio files onto their MP3 Player and listen to them in their car, or in the gym, they can do that as well. Again, these are 100% Private Label as well, so feel free to rename the files and add in whatever name you desire.

Upsell Sales Copy

Aside from the primary sales copy, you'll also receive all the sales copy which you need to sell your upsell offer and this is ALSO written by a Professional Copywriter as well. Having an upsell offer can DOUBLE, even TRIPLE how much money you earn overall, so you'll get your investment back here several times over.

Upsell Professional Minisite

Don't just enjoy the sales copy which you need to promote your upsell offer, but get the entire minisite for it as well, so you can simply upload it to your host, add the copy, and you're ready to begin offering your upsell (for whatever price you choose). We really couldn't make this any easier for you... all the coding's completely done for you.

Follow-Up E-mails For Upsell

For anyone who buys your initial offer, but who doesn't go for the upsell you'll also be given a full follow-up series which will entice to sign up for the upsell after a few e-mails. Just like all the other Copy, it's written by a Pro Copywriter, in order to get as many people to upgrade as possible... putting EVEN MORE money into your bank account.

PowerPoint Slides From The Video Series

The video series will include a set of PowerPoint slides, and these will be given to you separately. You can give them to your customer as an added bonus, in case they want to study them in slideshow format, or, you can use them in any way you want. For example, you could host a webinar or create an automated webinar where you use the PowerPoint slides to teach, and then sell the main product or another product as an upsell, it's up to you.

Professionally-Designed Squeeze Page

We've designed a squeeze page to allow you to do just that. It's written with compelling, persuasive copy to get people to feel like they absolutely HAVE TO enter in their e-mail address and get that free report right away. It's also designed with Conversion Rate Optimization in-mind, so you can bet it will give you the highest conversion rate possible. You can send traffic right to this squeeze page, and start making money off the list you're building right away.

Preselling Report To Offer For Free

Every good squeeze page needs a report which you can offer to your visitors in exchange for getting their e-mail address, and each month, you'll be given a full report in order to do this. Just like the video series, it's up-to-date, informative, and includes the most useful, cutting edge information on the topic for that month's PLR product. This will entice your prospective buyers to want to purchase the full product, and put money into your pocket.

Professionally-Written Follow-up E-mails

Just as with the squeeze page, the 5-part auto-responder series is written by a Professional Copywriter. This will do all the selling for you to those who've joined your list, so you can just kick back, and watch as the profits roll in. These e-mails are specifically designed to incite a response in your opt-ins, and get them to want to take action and order your product right away.

Professionally-Written Unique 10x Articles

Getting articles of this type from a ghostwriter would cost $25 per article or more, but here you can have it for free.These articles are 100% unique around the subject for multiple uses. Use the articles to create scripts for YouTube videos Use them in your auto responder series. Re-word them for website content. Regardless of how you plan to use the articles, you will have content you can be proud to call your own. Each article is at least 500 words in length.

Affiliate Page With Swipes & Banners

We know that affiliate page setup is time consuming, boring and easy to get wrong. It’s also the single most important step to making money online. Being a member of PLRSalesfunnel you will be getting ready-made promo tools page for your affiliates which includes lots of pre-written swipes for your affiliates to choose from and stunning affiliate banners.

License Pack

And of course, you'll get the private label rights, master resell rights and resell rights licenses for all the above modules.

Introducing “The EMPIRE IN A Box” Bundle…

You’re going to get these, high-quality, in-demand “business in a box” bundles…

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Functional Strength Complete
Sales Funnel With PLR

Fitness Tracking Complete
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"How To Get Everything You Want In Life
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"Calm Mind Healthy Body
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"Health Primal living
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"Total Bodyweight Transformation
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"Lifestyle Design
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"Power Of Mindfulness
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"Home Workout Bible
Complete Sales Funnel With PLR"

"Brain Health
Complete Sales Funnel With PLR"

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"Kettlebell Transformation
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"Hiit It Hard Complete
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"Smoothie Fix
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"Make It Happen Complete
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"The Lose Your Belly Diet
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"Warrior Mindset
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"Age Slower
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"Irresistible You
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"Smarter Brain
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"Better Relationship
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"Mastering Your Destiny
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"Planning For Success
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"Rising From The Ashes
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What you Can & Cannot Do with PLR Kickstart Products

We provide Private Label Rights to everything included in each of our products.

  • Can edit, rename/rebrand & sell it.
  • Can be sold as is, no less than $9.00 USD.
  • Can be bundled with other products.
  • Can be offered as a bonus for your other products.
  • Can be used to create audio/webinar/video products.
  • Can give to your affiliates to promote for you.
  • Can giveaway for free in exchange for a lead/subscriber.
  • Can be added to paid membership sites
  • Can be offered through auction sites
  • Can alter any of the graphics and source files.
  • Can publish as web content.
  • Can sell Resell Rights.
  • Can sell Master Resell Rights.
  • Can sell Private Label Rights.
  • Can be added to free membership sites.
  • Can give away for free in exchange for nothing.

What Our Customers Say?

Kevin Fahey

The quality of this course blows me away and I’m not only talking about the information. Each page is professional designed, all the copy is written to convert like crazy. If you’re looking for a high quality PLR product to sell as your own and make massive ROI starting today I highly suggest picking up this course. All of Sajan’s products absolutely rock. Great Job!

Kevin Fahey
Josen Ruico

Sajan’s sales funnels with PLR is diffent. And the reason it is different is because Sajan is different. He is not your typical fly-by-night Internet Marketer. He is an upstanding man, with strong values and morals, who actually cares about the success of his students. And this shows in the quality of his PLR products and in the responsiveness of his post-sale support when it is needed.

I don’t do very many product testimonials. But I am proud to promote Sajan and his product to you. It is truly top notch.

Josen Ruico
Dr. Amit Pareek

Sajan and his team always produce supreme quality PLR products and this is not exception because you have everything “Done for You” that you need to succeed with the topic covered. Their high quality PLR packages truly saves you time, money and solve the product creation headache. Well done Sajan for bringing out yet another fantastic product.

Dr. Amit Pareek

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